Help Session and Zero-Tolerance Policy

  • Every Alternate Thursday between 15:00 – 19:00 HRS LONDON TIME we will be requesting our admin managers to help managers here who have been getting consecutive RED ARROWS or those managers that are unable to turn their team around. We are only as good as our weakest link and our prime objective is to help our friends! This will be known as the Help Sessions! All managers including those who are doing well are allowed to avail of the service.
  • This league has been set up to add fun to the Telegram chat created for managers from around the globe to help each other up the ranks through good research, tactics and the help of more experienced managers!
  • We have a collective goal to help each other and while we accept you with open arms our tolerance for disrespect of any manager is NON-EXISTENT.
  • Further, sharing of material on the chat should be original and duplicating the efforts of others on the chat or from the chat onto other platforms will NOT be accepted.
  • This is NOT a money league and the discussion of & promotion of any money league on the chats is strictly prohibited, including FANTEAM.
  • NO promotion of charities/donations, businesses, special deals/discounts etc is allowed on the chat. This is purely for discussion of FPL research, plans, tactics and gameplay.
  • Each manager is allowed to have 1 FPL team in the league. 
  • Respect given is respect got: Being respectful is a non-negotiable. The person you are responding to might be 3M in the world at FPL and you might be the 15th. (S)he might be a fan of Accrington Stanley, you might be a fan of Real Madrid. None of that matters. Everyone would be treated equally. Be respectful.
  • Someday you are the pigeon, someday you are the statue: Don’t lump on other managers when their FPL choice has not worked out, and yours has. Your choices are half-chances, like everyone else’s. Don’t be the pigeon. 
  • Bantersaurus Rex comes here to die: This is not the place for club banter. Surely there are other, better places for that? Twitter perhaps? This place is for FPL stuff. So ‘Hazard/Martial/Arbitrary-Arsenal-Defender is trolling me, 2 points only? Again?’ is perfectly fine; “Chelsea/Arsenal/Man United is s**t, my club is so amazing. Rub your nose to the ground” is NOT.   
  • It’s simple. Be good: No abuse, no bullying, no threatening, no sexually-explicit stuff, no hate, no racism, no sexism, no xenophobia. Respect diversity. Welcome newcomers. Be considerate. We are grown-ups here, we can handle an f-bomb or two, but in moderation please? Also, politics and religion are out-of-bounds, please. C’mon now, what has that got to do with FPL? You would be moderated with vigorous force on any and all of the above, and sometimes harmless but irrelevant posts will also be deleted. 
  • We are FPL only & The Road To Global FPL Glory – Mini League only: Which means, no commercial posts. No charitable cause posts. And if you really want to solicit for a charitable cause, go through the moderators please? (We will mostly say no, be warned). If you want to have (or) are having financial dealings with another member of the group, please keep that conversation out of this forum. No promotion of other FPL Leagues, No UCL Leagues, No Bundesliga Leagues or any other fantasy league AND that includes money-leagues. No money leagues. No advertising of money leagues, no promotion of money leagues, no talk of money leagues. Or having money league details in your DP.
  • Easy with the Sell: You have a podcast. You are on twitter. You have created a website. All dedicated to FPL. And you want them to become popular. Please note two points. Point 1: Go easy on the sell. Nothing comes quickly. If you build it, he will come. Point 2: We will flock to you and your content naturally if the quality is good. Do not oversell on the forum, please. It will just bore people off. One intro post is fine, but that’s all. For the sake of others who just want to chat FPL, not get inundated with ads. We do not encourage you to call participants for your pods, Twitter spaces etc. Once recorded please share it with us on the group itself.
  • Careful! What are you doing? Guard your privacy. Your personal information is completely your responsibility here at Telegram – and that includes not just credit card details, but also PII, photos etc. How much you want to share is your responsibility, and yours only. Not of the moderators/admins. If you are in possession of photos, addresses, PII etc. of other members, please do not share. Moderators can and will ban ruthlessly, sometimes without warning. 


·  If you are having doubts whether the post you are about to make passes the above criteria or not, it most probably does not pass. Self-moderate. Feel free to check with the moderators anytime.

·  Report posts that break any forum rules, to the moderators. The moderators would be happy to help.

·  The moderators are not perfect. Sometimes they do not understand or comprehend when a member feels threatened or victimized by another. The moderators are nice people though, and have the right intentions. Please reach out to them. Explain to them. Teach them. Help them. They are happy to learn.

·  As the forum grows, it would need more moderators. From time to time, there would be posts asking for more moderators. Please come and help, then.

·  Last but not the least, the forum is what you make of it. It is yours. Help it become better. Help the moderators. 

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