FPL Poker Tables GW12/13/14

It’s that time of year again when managers are advised to fasten their seatbelts, and hold on tight, as the FPL schedule is about to become hectic. Next week sees the first set of midweek fixtures this season, which comprise the sandwich filling of 3 gameweek deadlines in 9 days. Consequently, I’ll not have timeContinue reading “FPL Poker Tables GW12/13/14”

#IFCT Road To Indian FPL Glory Mini-League Update GW7

The highest scoring player for the GW was James Ward-Prowse with 17 points, having scored two beautiful free kicks. The total xG for all teams in first 4 GW’s stood at 119 where as the number of goals stood at 144. Now with an xG of 81 the total number of goals stand at 77Continue reading “#IFCT Road To Indian FPL Glory Mini-League Update GW7”

FPL Poker Tables GW7

My spreadsheet predictions were blown off course a little last week by the failure of the MUN vs CHE fixture to serve up any goals, which increased its average mean absolute error (MAE) for predicted goals to 0.90. As well as giving them a rare victory over my spreadsheets, the relative shortage of goals inContinue reading “FPL Poker Tables GW7”


While I was working as a Trader I used to always write a proprietary report for trade ideas called, “Where are we placed?”. The idea was to first analyse where we stand currently and based on that and our forward assumptions (based on historical evidence and future event risks) try and envision the best possibleContinue reading “#FPL – WHERE ARE WE PLACED? (#GW5)”

FPL Matchups GW4: Post Apocalypse

After GW3, I just want to get in to the next GW to be perfectly honest. I am compelled, however, to address the horror in order to heal our collective wounds. Just a reminder, my analysis is through the lens of a coach looking to exploit weaknesses in the opponents. What happened in #GW3 wasContinue reading “FPL Matchups GW4: Post Apocalypse”

FPL Poker Tables GW3

Honestly, as the goals flew in at the weekend at an unprecedented rate, I felt like declaring the weekly exercise of formulating predictions suspended until further notice. Until GW17 perhaps when I’d have sufficient new season data to trust in them more. The astonishingly high conversion rates achieved by goalscorers this season so far isContinue reading “FPL Poker Tables GW3”

FINAL UPDATE – FPL Season 20/21 Team Selection – Dhillon’s 11

On the 2nd of September I published my first team selection article which was met with a lot of enthusiasm and I got a lot of feedback. Most of you liked the process of selection, some of you hated it but most of you encouraged me to continue to streamline the process so that weContinue reading “FINAL UPDATE – FPL Season 20/21 Team Selection – Dhillon’s 11”

FPL Matchups for the 2020-2021 Premier League Season

Hello my fellow FPL community members. A special shout out to the @GFCT and @IFCT Telegram chat groups. We are all familiar with the FDR. This article is meant to add a more granular description of matchup than we have currently. My lens is that of a coach with a B license and 25 yearsContinue reading “FPL Matchups for the 2020-2021 Premier League Season”