#GFCT Road To Global Glory Mini League Update GW1

It was a fantastic opening week where the difference was between Salah or no Salah, Saiss or VInagre and few other combinations. No. of participating Managers: 596 The league average (Top 5 managers) is: 99.00 Our League leader is Craig Thomson. TOP THIRTY TABLE: CAPTAINCY: CHIP USE: We wish our participants all the best! WeContinue reading “#GFCT Road To Global Glory Mini League Update GW1”

FPL Poker Tables GW2

Nothing makes bigger fools out of us than football results can! So much for the shortage of goals and scarcity of clean sheets forecast last week by my GW1 tables. In fact, there were more clean sheets than there normally are when we have a full complement of fixtures! And having predicted a near cleanContinue reading “FPL Poker Tables GW2”

FPL Mariner musing’s: Forwards

I will be pleased when this preseason is done if I’m honest. Every day there are more announcements of new players resulting in us having to go back to the drawing board. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a super exciting time but it’s also complicated all the same. I hope this shorter article helps withContinue reading “FPL Mariner musing’s: Forwards”

FINAL UPDATE – FPL Season 20/21 Team Selection – Dhillon’s 11

On the 2nd of September I published my first team selection article which was met with a lot of enthusiasm and I got a lot of feedback. Most of you liked the process of selection, some of you hated it but most of you encouraged me to continue to streamline the process so that weContinue reading “FINAL UPDATE – FPL Season 20/21 Team Selection – Dhillon’s 11”

FPL Matchups for the 2020-2021 Premier League Season

Hello my fellow FPL community members. A special shout out to the @GFCT and @IFCT Telegram chat groups. We are all familiar with the FDR. This article is meant to add a more granular description of matchup than we have currently. My lens is that of a coach with a B license and 25 yearsContinue reading “FPL Matchups for the 2020-2021 Premier League Season”


This is the first of many biweekly Q&A videos that the GFCT Core Research Team will be making to answer the questions we get every alternate Monday from the Global and the Indian Chat from FPL managers. This will alternate with the research note sent out to the chat by the Core Research Team everyContinue reading “#GW1 GFCT FPL Q&A SESSION”

FPL Poker Tables GW1

The start of a new season was complicated enough with both Manchester clubs blanking, and the uncertainty around players in our squads going in and out of quarantine against the backdrop of a global pandemic, but the fixture schedule has thrown us an additional curve ball if my spreadsheet predictions are anything to go by. Continue reading “FPL Poker Tables GW1”

Fplmariner’s musings : Midfield

This year selecting the right midfielder looks to be a complete minefield with six ‘premium options’ above 10 million along with a number of unproven players in the Premier League, the young guns and of course the search for the next Lord Lundstram. STRUCTURE Using my data which all of you would have seen byContinue reading “Fplmariner’s musings : Midfield”

FPL Mariner’s Musings : Defence

Last Season including wildcards I made a ridiculous 14 defensive transfers. Upon review this immediately jumped out as an area for improvement allowing me to use my transfers wisely and minimising hits (9, -36). Putting this into context, just one less hit and I would have won my work mini league and the kudos thatContinue reading “FPL Mariner’s Musings : Defence”

FPL Season 20/21 Team Selection – Shom Biswas

You’ve already met Chase Blocker and Gabriel Penaloza in our last video but this time we are glad to present Shom Biswas aka BaganboyFPL along with them in this presentation. Shom has finished in the TOP OR250 twice and has had 6 top 10K & 8 Top 20K finishes. Having been on the Global GFCTContinue reading “FPL Season 20/21 Team Selection – Shom Biswas”