Mariner’s FPL Christmas Shopping List

It really is the most wonderful time of the year FPL wise and whilst I am looking forward to a Green rather than dreaming of a White Christmas, I can at least console myself with a rapid-fire football and FPL extravaganza that awaits this festive period which should lift spirits among the covid woes. SoContinue reading “Mariner’s FPL Christmas Shopping List”

Captaincy – Netting that Haul

Given the current set up of the game, catching the captain pick correctly and netting those hauls has become an essential cog in the wheel of achieving that illusive 10k finish. I recall the heady heights of the 2018/19 season when 16 weeks into the season, I was sat just inside the top 10k ORContinue reading “Captaincy – Netting that Haul”

“One person’s data is another person’s noise.”

So after the most unpredictable start to any season that I can remember and despite my love of data I find myself writing an article about being careful not to trust data implicitly or equally form a narrative from it that simply suits your own purpose and I’m then trying to sell it. Let’s lookContinue reading ““One person’s data is another person’s noise.””

FPL Mariner musing’s: Forwards

I will be pleased when this preseason is done if I’m honest. Every day there are more announcements of new players resulting in us having to go back to the drawing board. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a super exciting time but it’s also complicated all the same. I hope this shorter article helps withContinue reading “FPL Mariner musing’s: Forwards”

Fplmariner’s musings : Midfield

This year selecting the right midfielder looks to be a complete minefield with six ‘premium options’ above 10 million along with a number of unproven players in the Premier League, the young guns and of course the search for the next Lord Lundstram. STRUCTURE Using my data which all of you would have seen byContinue reading “Fplmariner’s musings : Midfield”

FPL Mariner’s Musings : Defence

Last Season including wildcards I made a ridiculous 14 defensive transfers. Upon review this immediately jumped out as an area for improvement allowing me to use my transfers wisely and minimising hits (9, -36). Putting this into context, just one less hit and I would have won my work mini league and the kudos thatContinue reading “FPL Mariner’s Musings : Defence”

FPLMariner Musings : Goalkeepers

Last season, apart from the 3 GW’s around my Wildcard and subsequent Bench Boost when I owned Dean Henderson, Nick Pope was present in my team so it is hardly surprising that I am again looking for that hidden gem at the 4.5 or 5.0 M value. Using my data which all of you wouldContinue reading “FPLMariner Musings : Goalkeepers”

Content Creation – My Journey!

Just over a year ago, completely disillusioned with my Twitter feed, with it being wall to wall with political angst and general disquiet about the world, I mulled switching my existing Twitter account off! It simply stopped being enjoyable. Life was tough enough and Twitter was no longer what I had envisioned it to beContinue reading “Content Creation – My Journey!”