#FPLMatchups GW3

With wildcards flying around, fixtures changing, red cards flashing, injuries mounting, and new signings incoming, it is easy to get lost in the maelstrom of activity in FPL. This is the inevitable result of a geyser of information ejected after GW2. The moment a singularity becomes a dichotomy, and with double the information we haveContinue reading “#FPLMatchups GW3”

#FPLMatchups GW2

So much information to process from GW1, yet it is still very little information to try to glean any sort of matchup pattern. This week, and for the next month or so, I will continue to use last season’s data in combination with what we have learned so far this season. Let’s begin.  WOL vContinue reading “#FPLMatchups GW2”

FPL Matchups for the 2020-2021 Premier League Season

Hello my fellow FPL community members. A special shout out to the @GFCT and @IFCT Telegram chat groups. We are all familiar with the FDR. This article is meant to add a more granular description of matchup than we have currently. My lens is that of a coach with a B license and 25 yearsContinue reading “FPL Matchups for the 2020-2021 Premier League Season”