#FPLMatchups #GW15 – The 4 Horseman of the Budget & the 7 Deadly Stats + The Little Prince Pick of the Week

Welcome back to the FPL Matchups article. A bit of a different approach this week as I would like to examine the 4 popular premium players that are capturing the attention of FPL managers. In this analysis, I wanted to honor season long production, while giving special emphasis to sustained form (6 GWs). I haveContinue reading “#FPLMatchups #GW15 – The 4 Horseman of the Budget & the 7 Deadly Stats + The Little Prince Pick of the Week”

#FPLMatchups #GW13 – Spark Notes Version 1: The Chamber of Princes + Bonus Question

Diogo Jota’s injury has ignited much conversation about what to do with that roster spot. I thought this would be a good opportunity to unite the budget princes that could provide value in the upcoming GWs. These are just some quick snapshots, not an in-depth analysis. Bobby Decordova Reid (BDR) Said Benrahma Tomas Soucek PascalContinue reading “#FPLMatchups #GW13 – Spark Notes Version 1: The Chamber of Princes + Bonus Question”

#FPLMatchups #GW12+ Quick Captaincy + The Little Prince Pick of the Week

This week in #FPLMatchups comes from a great session with @FPLMariner (feel better brother!) as we discussed different analytical processes, and how they mirror one another. Manchester United vs Manchester City FPL Matchups Report We begin with a look at MU attack and MC defense the last 4 GWs. MC conceded most of the chancesContinue reading “#FPLMatchups #GW12+ Quick Captaincy + The Little Prince Pick of the Week”

#FPLMatchups #GW11 Changes +The Little Prince Pick of the Week

The expression “Can’t see the forest for the trees” is used to describe people too involved in the details to see the bigger picture. I feel like my FPL experience this year has been characterized by the opposite. I have been so focused on larger patterns and broader tactical analyses that I have missed theContinue reading “#FPLMatchups #GW11 Changes +The Little Prince Pick of the Week”

#FPLMatchups #GW10 – The Two Tales of the Season + The Little Prince Pick

An early article this week with an early deadline on Friday, and some demons to exorcise from last GW. The talk of the town once again is the captaincy decision for GW10. Do we go tried and true, and keep the armband on DCL? Or do we reanoint the king with the return of Salah?Continue reading “#FPLMatchups #GW10 – The Two Tales of the Season + The Little Prince Pick”

#FPLMatchups #GW9 – The Two Tales of the Season

We often tend to look at fixtures in chunks of 4 or 6 GW’s, so 8 is a perfect number to begin looking for patterns, and trends in terms of half-season chunks. Word of caution, however, 8 weeks is not much time to establish patterns and any analysis done solely on this season’s observations willContinue reading “#FPLMatchups #GW9 – The Two Tales of the Season”

FPLMatchups GW8

Hi, and welcome back to FPL matchups for #GW8. As a reminder, these words take the perspective of a manager looking at exploitable matchups on the field to take advantage of opponents’ weaknesses. Thanks to those in the community that provided alternative captain suggestions. Let’s get to it. Today’s menu: Captaincy Kane/Son Werner/Chilwell Aubameyang LIV/MCIContinue reading “FPLMatchups GW8”


I missed last week’s matchups article and in preparation for this article it struck me how much I missed writing this. So this week is a throwback to what started this, an analysis of defensive matchups in specific areas of the field in order to inform our captain selection. Let’s do this.  SHU/MCI  LIV/WHU  TOT/BHA  Bonus playerContinue reading “#FPL MATCHUPS GW7”


Minutes per 2 Goal Opportunities FDR This week I am going to do something a little different with this article. Rather than break down individual matchups with a tactical lens, I will be introducing a new Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) that I have been working on during the IB. This is completely unfamiliar territory forContinue reading “#FPLMATCHUPS GW 5”

FPL Matchups GW4: Post Apocalypse

After GW3, I just want to get in to the next GW to be perfectly honest. I am compelled, however, to address the horror in order to heal our collective wounds. Just a reminder, my analysis is through the lens of a coach looking to exploit weaknesses in the opponents. What happened in #GW3 wasContinue reading “FPL Matchups GW4: Post Apocalypse”