#GFCT Road To Global FPL Glory Mini-League Update GW11

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The highest scoring player for the GW was Zaha with 18 points, having scored a hattrick against WBA as they were awarded a Red Card and the 10 man team could not hold the pressure being applied by CRY.

The most popular move was to get KDB as a Captaincy choice. Fernandes once again did not fail to return FPL points even though he was initially benched and came out in the second half and created 8 chances for MNU. Chelsea defensive assets are now hurting those without them as their EO has risen and they continue to get CS points plus bonus and attacking returns for their owners. City looked good and we can anticipate large scale buys going forward citing their fixtures and them signaling they might be rediscovering their potent attacking finesse.

We will now see the first massive fixture swing for teams with City, Liverpool & Villa having the best fixtures going forward. Even Leeds has a very good run coming up.

The NEW update shared was that they have begun training at their training centre and that the game against WBA as of now will go ahead.

We continue to advise patience due to UCL/EUL matches midweek which may lead to injuries and players with COVID cases.

Please find the league update below:

No. of participating Managers: 639

The league average (Top 5 managers) is: 738.00

Our League leader is: Paul Oziegbe.





We wish our participants all the best!

The league is now closed but managers are still invited to join our chats on Telegram. The link to which is on the registration page of the site.

Good Luck!

#GFCT Team.

Credit: Premier Fantasy Tools & Live FPL

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