#IFCT Road To Indian FPL Glory Mini-League Update GW8

#IFCT Mini League Update

The highest scoring player for the GW was Fernandes with 17 points, having scored two beautiful goals.

Despite having very less possession Crystal Palace thrashed Leeds showing once again that sitting back and waiting for your chances is not a bad strategy. Everton still trying to find their initial form but it was MNU was that came out on top. West Ham were very lucky to come away with a win and still show that without Antonio its going to be tough for them to win.

Missed penalties for Vardy and KDB reminding us that a team full of penalty takers isn’t always a blessing.

Villa has had very volatile results but won against Arsenal in a convincing manner despite the Gunners showing they are a decent defensive side over the last few weeks.

Current transfer trends continue to be towards budget defensive assets with most of money flowing to the midfield. Those patient with Liverpool assets lost out once again with TAA coming off injured. Hopefully he will be fully recovered post the IB.

We continue to advise patience due to International Break starting which may lead to injuries and players with COVID cases.

Please find the league update below:

No. of participating Managers: 305

The league average (Top 5 managers) is: 546.00

Our League leader is: Ashutosh Khemka.





We wish our participants all the best!

We look forward to more managers joining us till the GW9 deadline. If you submit the League Google Form via the registration page we will email the details to join. This process is mandatory.

Good Luck!

#GFCT Team.

Credit: Premier Fantasy Tools & Live FPL

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