The Road To Global FPL Glory!

Our Mission Statement

The Global FPL chat’s aim is to bring together dedicated FPL managers who have a common goal to win FPL. The chat is filled with managers who understand that the battle to succeed is only against ourselves. To spend time with managers who challenge and inspire us to grow. The ability for us to understand the trends and manage our individual emotions is what leads us to become better managers. The core group of this chat will try and streamline discussions, research and debate so that everyone can improve their knowledge and decision making ability to play the game at their best.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend four hours sharpening my axe

– Anonymous Woodsman 

The Core Team (extensive list below) consists of a diverse team that has different methods of playing the game, different reliance on data, different reliance on research but they all have a common goal – which is to help everyone on the chat achieve the best possible help to achieve the best possible rank for free at any hour of the day at any time of the week.

We have a common goal to make sure the Chats are a healthy space to discuss FPL and the zero-tolerance policy is held to its highest standard. We also make sure that none of the Core Members are seen using these chats as a way to promote themselves in anyway or misuse their authority for their own personal gain.

We have different members spearheading different research publications and we also have members who will be writing research independently – all for the benefit of the group to move higher up the ranks. Our aim is for this research to help FPL managers make informed decisions which will lead to a gameplay that is patient, yet aggressive enough to achieve top overall ranks!

We can’t change the wind, but we can change the sails! – Thomas S.

However, our main mission on this chat is to help teach each other the skills required to improve, help imbibe the best practices, acknowledge when we are wrong and how to have the emotional discipline to change our game plan without overthinking!

This group chat will be used every alternate week on a Thursday or Friday to talk with managers in the league who have had a few consecutive bad game weeks and we will get our core research team and from time to time other good seasoned managers on the chat to discuss and strategize their team so that they can make a comeback. Everyone needs to think of this chat as a team and we are only as strong as our weakest link!


These chats & Leagues are only for fun and we don’t intend to monetize these in any way, not now OR in the future.

No information will ever leave or be shared. God has been kind and we can do a few things like this just for fun!

The Core Team

Core Members who are both – Research Authors & Group Chat Admins

The core team that spearheads the Research, the League and the Chat.

Ajit Dhillon

Alden Morris

Nitesh Ray

Rajat Aggarwal

Vibudh Dixit

Shom Biswas

Chase Blocker

Gold Star Research Authors:

Core Members who are – Independent research authors

Its our pleasure that we also have authors who generate absolutely TOP Class Research and will share their research with the groups on a regular basis:

Martin Coleman

Ustaz Kedir

Previous Core Members of the group:

These are our dearest friends who will write from time to time. Their understanding of the game is elite but due to personal commitments they are unable to be a part of the group on a day to day basis. Hopefully, once our calendar’s match they will be back to sharing their research & insights with us on a regular basis.

Advait Garg, Chris Turner, Gabriel Penaloza

Please feel free to contact us on our email address:

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